Redondo Beach

In the Community



1. Legacy Tile Wall (potential $2K - $4K in net)
Plan a hand-painted tile wall. Color Me Mine can come to your place with 4", 6", 8" or 12" tiles, paints, tools and creative staff you need.  Then we will bring the tiles back to our studio to be glazed and fired.  Most often there is a tile installer in your group that will donate their time and expertise for installation.  Organizations using this idea have charged anywhere from $25 - $150 per tile, making it a successful FUNraiser.  Your cost will vary depending on the size of the tile, and the number of tiles painted.


2. Art of Auction (potential $50 - $1ooo in net)
 - Auctions are very effective in bringing in much needed funding.  We can help you create a unique auction piece that will be the talk of the town.  Platters, wall plaque, cookie jars, vases, tile tables and mirrors are the most popular items.  These precious keepsakes decorated with handprints, thumbprints, class themes, etc. have brought several hundred dollars at auctions.


3. Fundraising Day (varied)
- This one is very simple!  Just pick a day for your organization to come to the studio to paint, and have fun.  We will donate 15% of the sales to your organization.  Minimum participants are 25.